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Praise the Lord, and welcome to our Evangelistic website! We are a full-time evangelistic ministry, and we are based out of The Church of Jesus Christ in Lakestation, IN. Our Pastors are Bro. David & Sis Christine Mueller.  We have been full time on the field since 1997. Having grown up in denominal churches, it was in 1993 that we received the revelation of the Apostolic Message. After working for 4 years in local church ministry, and in different capacities within the Pentecostal movement, in 1997 we heeded the call of God to leave comfort behind us and travel across the nation; a call which has carried the Colemans across 15 states, travelling across the U.S., preaching hundreds of revivals, and logging thousands of miles for the name of Jesus Christ. The most important aspect of our travels are the hundreds of souls being transformed, baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and filled with the precious Holy Ghost.

We also do Bible teaching seminars, and have written 18 tracts and many Bible studies, which are available on this site.

    We were married on May 22, 1993. Shortly after being married we both received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Immediately we began searching the scriptures and God lead us into much greater revelation of his Truth. Today, we are more fired up than ever about winning souls, and preaching and teaching about the liberating truths found in God’s word. We know that every word of the Bible is true, and that history correlates with the facts contained in its pages.

    On December 21, 2004 there was an addition to the Coleman family with the birth of our daughter Arawen Elisabeth Coleman through the wonderful gift of adoption. Arawen is a fulfilled prophecy. Thank You Jesus!! Arawen now is working with us in the ministry, singing, and through sign language worship.

    It is our goal to see Revival Breakout Everywhere!  We know our ministry must work in conjunction with the local Pastors across this nation. It is our desire to see new souls added to the Kingdom and be a catalyst for edification, encouragement, deliverance and breakthrough to the Saints. We know this only happens when the Holy Ghost is the leader and we follow him in whatever realm he wants to work in; and through embracing all the spiritual gifts. We believe as in Mark 16 “...signs will follow them that believe”.



In The Masters' Service:

Evangelist Wayne, Denise & Arawen Coleman



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