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Wind of Pentecost Apostolic Church 


    In 1996, Bro. Deweese Frazier began an untitled radio broadcast in Carthage, Tennessee, and he called it 'Wind of Pentecost.' This broadcast went on for many years, and it reached many souls.

    In the next year or so, the 'Wind of Pentecost' choir came together, and God began to open doors for us to go out and spread the Gospel in song and encourage praise to Jesus everywhere we went. The choir members have changed down through the years, but we are still doing our part for the Lord.

    During this time, Bro. Deweese bought a big Gospel tent, and held many 'Wind of Pentecost' Ministries Holy Ghost Revivals in Smith and Wilson counties. Many souls were won to the Lord, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered, restored, miracles performed, and so much more!

    In August 2002, 'Wind of Pentecost' Apostolic Church began in a store front building in downtown Carthage. We were only there for a month, and then God blessed us with the little white church up there on Bradford Hill. God truly blessed us abundantly.

    Many things have changed over the years, and many people have passed through our lives. We lost Bro. Deweese in 2004, but his vision for 'Wind of Pentecost' lives on forever. God called Bro. Brian Armstrong to take up the mantle, and lead us on this great journey to glory.

    Nine years ago, we moved into the new church building that Bro. Deweese had drawn out the plans and laid the foundation for. It was such a blessing to be part of that great step for 'Wind of Pentecost' and the true vision for the church is living on in all of us. The church is still going on strong!

    In 2015, the Colemans made WOPAC their home church, and we are greatly blessed to be part of such an awesome church family! We love the great preaching, freedom of worship, and emphasis on growth and committment to holiness. We look forward to many years of power packed, Holy Ghost inspired church!



31 Landfill Lane
Brush Creek, Tennessee 38547
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