Deaf Ear Healed

Ritchey Stich

Hi this is Bro Ritchey Stich of New Life of the Apostolic Faith Ministries. While in revival with the Colemans in November, the Lord spoke to Bro. Coleman about my hearing. He did not know, that i had a problem with the 3 bones in my right middle ear. The Lord had showed him a vision of a hand upon my ear, and what looked like anointing oil flowing out of it. Sister Coleman lay her hands on my ear, and they ministered over me.  Later I got a phone call and without thinking I answered it with my right ear, and then I realized, I could hear! God had healed me!! Glory to God!


Sis Betty Brown Update

Betty Brown

Many of you know or have heard about Sis Betty Brown, the Arkansas woman who had a severe stroke, and was pronounced brain dead by the doctors. They had told the family that they needed to make a descision when to turn off life support. But, God worked a miracle, and Sis Betty came back from the grip of death. We saw her this week, and she is very much alive, and has a wonderful testimony of being raised from the dead. Today she is back to teaching her Sunday school class! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS HEALING POWER!!


Bro Shan Walls

Hello, my name is Shan Walls, and I have a powerful testimony I’d like to share with you. God blessed me in many ways. Here’s one I’d like to tell you about. I’m in my late 30s and have suffered an operation that involved a tumor on my neck, and caused a temporary paralysis. Through the grace of God, I can walk again.

    Years later, through situations and circumstances in my life, I had another situation involving my lower spine where a knot had developed due to a disc. At the time I was blessed to be a part of a Pentecostal church. This congregation has become very close and dear to me. Through revival at this church, an evangelist, Wayne Coleman was beginning to pray and call out different needs for people. I’ve never experienced this before.

    You never really pay attention to this kind of power until it happens to you. Pastor Salinas foretold he knew nothing in here, and he called my exact symptoms out. I was so surprised I came up and he simply said, “ Take two steps back and raise your hands.” And I did. He said, “Shout I am healed,” and when  I did… it was indescribable!! It was more than pain just going away…I felt NORMAL again! We come to church and praise God, but we never really begin to appreciate and understand the power of God until it happens to you. Thank you Jesus and amen!! May this testimony give power to all that read this.



    I am Sis Joanne Scarboro from The Church Of Jesus Christ Orlando, FL.  My Pastor is Bishop Tom Squires. I was in a wheelchair and couldn't walk for 2 years. Every time I stood on my legs, the pain was so severe it was  like you hit me in the legs with a ball bat. I could only walk 5 to 8 steps, then I would have to sit down in the wheelchair. During Revival on 3/15/2012, God healed my legs when I stood up, and walked and then danced in the Spirit.  I walked around the church with NO PAIN!! Thank God He healed me!


    In early 2011, we were preaching revival in Russellville, KY for Pastor Ed Burchett. His daughter Penny had just had back surgery, and had had several steel rods and screws placed in her spine. The doctors had told her not to move around much or bend over, or she could be paralyzed.

    During the Friday night service there was powerful move for healing, and she got in the line, but was very cautious not to move around much, even though the Lord was telling her to test her faith.

    Sunday morning, the Spirit of the Lord was heavy in the sanctuary, as we sang the victory songs of Zion. Suddenly , the power of God moved on that sister’s faith; and she threw off the back brace (I remember seeing it fly across the sanctuary), and began to shout and leap and dance. She started bending back and forth violently like a palm tree in a hurricane, and then proceeded to roll in the floor all over the sanctuary! When she got up, she was completely healed with no crippling effects!

The Dead Are Riased

Sis Hilda Antee

The Dead Are Raised!!

Sis Hilda Antee was raised from the dead on June 1, 2008. After Camp meeting in Arcadia, LA we ministered at Shreveport, LA on June 1. We had everything packed and ready to start the trip home after church that night. The Spirit urged us to drive back to Arcadia for the night and leave the next morning. Once there we were fellowshipping with the Antee family when Sis Wendy Antee ran in to the room and yelled, “come pray for Mom right now”. We went into the master bath where Sis Hilda had died and laid on the floor. Sis Denise checked numerous times for vitals and there were none. Sis Hilda has always stood solely upon faith and trusted the Lord for all things. All knowing how she felt we began to pray for her. My wife got in the floor next to Sis Hilda and placed her head in her lap as we all interceded for God to move and have his complete will. We prayed for around 30 minutes and then my wife said she felt a strong wind blow past her arms, and at that moment Sis Hilda Antee returned speaking in tongues and glorifying God. God still raises the dead!!

Matt 10:7-8 “And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”


Skin Cancer Healed

Bro Joe Pridemore


In the spring of 2009, I developed a small mole on my right side. I have other moles, so I didn’t give it much thought.

The mole started growing, and by Jan. 2011, the mole had grown to the size of a fried egg and become painful. By the time July had come, it had turned from pink to dark brown, and certain parts of the mole were a deep black and it had a terrible odor. I had to wash the area several times a day because of the odor.

On July 13, 2011, in Revival with Bro. Wayne Coleman and his family, my wife kept telling me I needed to have that mole prayed for. I went up for prayer and Bro. Coleman encouraged me with several testimonies of similar healings and when he prayed for me I was blessed, but I felt no great ‘deliverance’, but soon after God asked me, ‘what did I expect to feel’, so on that word, I went to the restroom and examined my right side, and there wasn’t so much as a bump, and the skin was smooth and the same color as the other area skin. I thank God that He is still not only a loving, but a miracle working God!

Bro. Joe Pridemore Lakestation, IN. Church of Jesus Christ



   My Testimony-In the night service at Grace Tabernacle in Bossier City, LA. On Tuesday December 7th, 2010, Bro. Coleman prayed for my leg. He did not know I had polio, or that I wore a leg brace. The Lord touched me right there. Brother Coleman told me to go home and walk around my home and praise God the next day. I did, all day long and my leg kept feeling hot. I would reach down and feel it, but it didn’t have fever. After about two hours I realized God had put circulation back in my left foot and leg!!! Now I am walking good without a leg brace. Thank You Jesus!!!
    I had polio when I was 2 ½ years old. In 2010 I was 63 years old. All that time my leg and foot was cold, and in the winter time it was like ice. I could never ever thank my Lord Jesus Christ enough for all He has done for me. My Jesus is still the MIRACLE WORKING GOD!!! I thank Him for His great love and mercy.
                 Sis. Linda Montalbano


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